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0G Network

REDDOT Network offers you a monitoring solution that is revolutionizing how the work is made. Using an electronic sensor connected to Sigfox 0G wireless network, we are able to obtain data in real-time, 24/7, 365 days to get analytics enables cost-efficient actions, detailed performance reports, geo-positioning detail, and full monitoring functions to truly optimize even the most complex of operations.
0G network is a dedicated, 900 MHZ bandwidth wireless network designed to connect simple, low-powered and low-cost IoT devices to the internet

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We offer you hundreds of sensors, which communicate through our Low Data Network. Internet or GSM is not necessary. The installation is in minutes and does not require an external power source.
They are managed and programmed remotely from your computer, giving you the insight you need to run your business.

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IoT Solutions

Some applications available

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The Light that PROTECTS

UVC light is able to kill SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, multiple studies have shown that it can kill other viruses, including influenza and other seasonal coronaviruses.

A multi-functional Luminary with General Lighting, JMix UVA for Continuous Protection, and a UVC Mode for Fast Disinfection.

Office environments, open spaces, Warehouses Environments, Retails Spaces, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Airports, etc.

Mode A| Light + Continuous and SAFE disinfection using UV-A (70%-95%).

Mode B| FAST Disinfection using UV-C when someone and sensors confirm

that no one is within the space that is about to (99.9%)




Waste Container Tracking

Equipped waste containers with low-power trackers allow you to gather information about:​

Interactive waste container map

Waste container movement insights 

Scheduled reports 

Waste container alerts & dashboards

Fill level % setup

​Now you can create a powerful routing system that meets the needs of your customers, saving money and time.


School Signal.jpg

Sign Beacon School Zone Controller

 The Smart Roadsign controller is designed to monitor the state of LED-based roadsigns and issue scheduled commands (eg. Turn on, Turn off, Configure feature, etc.). The sign settings are configured from a web-based dashboard. It offers the versatility to monitor and manage distributed assets to ensure that they are performing to specification. 


Battery Voltage

Pole Tilt

Radar Statistics

Asset Location

Panel Current

Vandalism Alert




Monitoring Assets - Geo Tracking

GPS tracker works on Sigfox Network available in over 70 countries and this technology is well suited to be used in the most remote locations, such as regions previously thought impossible to cover with conventional GSM networks. 
Monitor asset uptimes, speed, inactivity, temperature, door open/close and much more (depending on what devices you are using



Run Hour Operation.



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Image by Mehluli Hikwa

Gas Station Management

Energy suppliers and gas station operators want to centrally collect data from tanks and fill levels in order to analyze consumption, plan energy purchases efficiently, and optimize delivery and billing.

No inspection rounds, no unexpectedly empty tanks.

Intelligent fill level monitoring.

Precise fill level measurement.


Smart City - Sewer Monitor

Sewer network monitoring makes it possible to detect clogging, to identify the parasitic inputs (parasitic clear water) and the active surfaces, to follow continuously the dynamics of the network and the increase in load

Upgraded Maintenance Schedules.

Now you can create a powerful smart routing system, saving money and time.


City Workers Sewerage
Image by Raban Haaijk

Smart City - Traffic Management

Real-time monitoring that helps to drive the movement of people and goods inside urban centers. 

The sensor for monitoring parking slot occupancy and traffic flow census. The detection principle is based on continuous measurement of the geomagnetic field. Sensors operate wirelessly and feed autonomously by using batteries. The sensor is installed under the surface in 20 minutes without wires and with minimal civil work. It calibrates automatically and it can be deployed in the cobble or paving block as well as “on surface” version. 

Anticipation of scenarios 

Dynamic traffic.

Parking spaces.


Smart City - Water Meter Lid

The Smart Water Meter Lid is designed to remotely read pulse

enabled water meters for daily consumption data. The telemetry

unit is an integral part of the lid, where it is protected from the

elements. In this location, the antenna is also protected from water

ingress or tampering. The device is designed with ease of

installation in mind, which reduces the need for labor-intensive

deployment costs.


Large Oil Truck

Cooking Used Oil Recollection

Being able to know the filling level of the tanks in your clients, when they should be collected, and how to program the route, is only part of our solution for the industry.






Equipment Remote Monitoring

For all types of machinery with an engine. IoT based remote monitoring telematics solutions monitor critical parameters such as Oil pressure, Engine temperature, Battery voltage, Power output, Fuel level, and more. Remote monitoring solutions are also configurable with MODBUS protocol. The portal can be used to access information on all types of parameters monitored to make data-driven decisions for Preventive maintenance, Increased asset utilization, and reduced downtime.


Gas Management


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Network - IT consulting

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Neutral Carrier

Image by NASA

0G Network


Lights & Protection


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