Residential Gbit Internet

Dedicated + Symmetrical = Real Fast!


Our Innovative Technology

We Connect your community with an enterprise-class fiber-optic Internet Access, designed for mission-critical applications and business. 

  • Dedicated to your community - Not shared.

  • Symmetrical - Same speed Up & Down

  • Commercial Grade - Faster routes than residential services.

  • SLA. 99.9% up and running. 


How We Work

For Communities & Condos

Do communities have the power to negotiate as a group, rather than as individuals? why not use it.

All the communities are not the same. We work with Property Managers, Condo associations, and homeowners to design a specific network based on their necessities.​

Our dedicated networking solutions provide the scalability and security of your needs.

RedDot installs and maintains, all the necessary equipment and systems for the proper delivery and functioning.

In addition, to this, we offer a better price​ for the industry.



Adding more to your services.
IoT Solutions.

The Internet of Things is based on the data collected from devices and people, improving security and tranquility.

We provide sensors for detecting parameters like a water leak, temperature, pet tracking, security, and more.
You can track anything within your community or outside of it. No need for Internet, WIFI, or GSM.


IoT Sensors

Making life easier and safer

Leak Guard Detector

Alerts you of a leak directly to your phone before it’s too late - easily, cheaply, and reliably.

Pet Tracking

Never lose your pet, always know the location and monitor the condition. 

  • Tracks a pet's movements

  • Alerts about temperature change

  • Real-time tracking/ Long-term tracing history

Door & Widows

Heavy-duty outdoor or indoor sensor,  wireless transmission module, allows us to detect if and when doors are opened/closed. It is being used mostly to monitor doors/flaps in objects that are located remotely, to make sure doors/flaps are properly closed.

Parking spaces

The main purpose of detecting parking slot status, through the use of a magnetic sensor. It basically monitors parking slot status, if vacant or occupied, through the use of a magnetic sensor detecting the presence of metallic mass over it, transmitting any status change whenever it happens.


Having a Gas or Diesel tanks?

Intelligent level sensor for all types of tanks.

  • Alert of level, the sensor allows you to monitor consumption and filling.

  • Duration estimated before the breakdown or overfilling.

Pool Sense

PoolSense eliminates the time and effort spent fixing what’s wrong with your pool water. You can confidently enjoy your pool knowing your water is pleasant, balanced, and safe. The sensors in our floating device send data to a cloud server in timed intervals and your app tells you what to put into your pool to keep it in perfect condition. Saving you time and money.
PoolSense device can give you readings of pH, ORP, and Temperature.


Network Solutions

Image by Kirill Sh
Data Cable Installation
Digital Security System

Fiber Optic

We work with products and equipment, to bring value to our customers. We use ISO, ROHS, CE, and FCC certified to meet the industry standards. With a strong emphasis on quality control.


State of the art Wireless solutions to cover public areas like pools, tennis courts, parks.
We create a Network were any resident can use their own network on every part of the community.


A separate network to secure your assets.

Access control

Security Cameras




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