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Ultraviolet light can make indoor spaces safer during the pandemic – if it’s used the right way

Sept 9, 2020

Ultraviolet light has a long history as a disinfectant and the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19, is readily rendered harmless by UV light. The question is how best to harness UV light to fight the spread of the virus and protect human health as people work, study, and shop indoors.


A new weapon in the fight against superbugs | David Brenner

Sept 14, 2020

Since the widespread use of antibiotics began in the 1940s, we've tried to develop new drugs faster than bacteria can evolve -- but this strategy isn't working. Drug-resistant bacteria known as superbugs killed nearly 700,000 people on 2016, and by 2050 that number could be 10 million -- more than cancer kills each year. Can physics help? In a talk from the frontiers of science, radiation scientist David Brenner shares his work studying a potentially life-saving weapon: a wavelength of ultraviolet light known as far-UVC, which can kill superbugs safely, without penetrating our skin. Followed by a Q&A with TED Curator Chris Anderson. Jan 18, 2018


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Are the flashing lights near your Broward school not working? Here’s why

October 12, 2020

The Broward Teachers Union is worried that people could be less aware they are driving in school zones this week while students are arriving at or being dismissed from school because Broward County Public Schools procrastinated in telling cities and municipalities to activate the flashing lights system in school zones.

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